Sarah Olson explores the beginning of life and the creation of the world through the lens of religion and science. She has exhibited paintings, drawings and created performances and sculptural installations in New York City and abroad in various galleries, public spaces and on residencies in remote locations in India, Scotland, England and El Salvador.  Her public performance work, where she creates live drawings on a scrim-like backdrop has recently taken place in Zucotti Park and Central Park in New York City with the NYC Parks Department. A live video of her work was displayed last summer at Summer Stage in Central Park during a performance by vocalist, Tamar-Kali.  In New York, she has also created performances taking place at the Joyce Theater, Littlefield Performance and Art Space, The Education Alliance.  While working within traditional drawing and painting media, she also incorporates plastic waste into her images and performances such as bags, bottles, lids, six-pack rings; questioning the constant stream of garbage that piles ever higher as populations soar. Her sculpture and painting have most recently been displayed at The 3LD Art and Technology Center, and Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum.  She has also shown at DA Gallery, Gallery Satori, The Dahesh Museum, Columbia University in NYC; and the Rivington Gallery and Museum of Design in London, among others.  Her work is in the collections of Bruce W. Ferguson, Eric Fischl and Eileen Guggenheim.  Olson lives and works in Brooklyn with her husband and three children. She holds an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and a BFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. 


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