Presented by SummerStage in Central Park and Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, NYC, 2016

Composer,vocalist and musician, Tamar-kali invited me, in the summer of 2016 to create a backdrop video installation to accompany the performance of her collaborative work in progress with Adia Whitaker's ASE Dance Theatre Collective entitled DEMON FRUIT BLUES.  This new work was commissioned by Danni Gee, Dance Curator of SummerStage.  

Inspired by the so called 'curse of womanhood' as defined by Judeo-Christian religious texts, Tamar-kali  created (and is in the process of creating) new compositions that reflect the aesthetic, stories and rhythms of African diasporic dance.   Adia Whitaker's crafts the physical manifestations of these works through choreography via ASE Dance.

I was invited into this dynamic collaboration just two weeks before the first performance. While time was limited, I had no shortage of lush, provocative imagery to respond to within Tamar's powerful lyrics.
To view the paintings created for this performance, Click here

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