The Hole-in-the-sky

It is deep night in Trevalissey. Listen and you will hear the sea lapping gently against the quayside. The fishing boats are moored safely in the harbour, tucked up like grubby children. At the end of the jetty, the lighthouse sweeps the sea with its bright eye. Overhead, cool white diamonds litter the night sky. 

Turn around. Trudge up a steep path, taking care not to trip on the cobblestones. Just before you get to the top, turn left and walk through an iron gate into a woodland garden. Stop now, directly beneath a towering pine and look down at your feet. If you look hard enough, and if the moon is bright, you might still see the dent he made in the pine needles. If you search carefully, perhaps you will find a pine needle that was singed by his heat, or maybe a glittering scale that broke free from his belly. And if you strike it very lucky, you might even find a rough diamond or two that came unstuck. For this is it, the exact spot, the very place where the small red ball fell through the hole in the sky. It is here that he landed with a thumping and a sigh.

A not-yet published novel for children about dragons.

Written by Etta Ford
Illustrated by Sarah Elizabeth Olson


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